Aluminum Beryllium

Aluminum beryllium master alloys can be introduced into aluminum magnesium melts to reduce magnesium losses. Small beryllium additions to the melt also result in improved surface quality of DC billet, and impart improved mechanical properties for premium quality aluminum castings.

Aluminum Boron

The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum can be improved by the addition of trace amounts of boron to eliminate the undesirable effects of chromium, titanium, vanadium, and zirconium. Aluminum boron master alloys provide a convenient mechanism for making the desired boron addition. Boron has also been acknowledged as an effective grain refiner for silicon aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Scandium

AMG Aluminum has recently developed a proprietary method to manufacture conventional ingot metallurgy based aluminum scandium master alloys. These alloys are designed to support the development of new and emerging aerospace and high performance aluminum alloys containing the element scandium. Currently an Al-2% Sc product is available in standard waffle ingot form but the manufacturing process is sufficiently adaptable to meet the specific product requirements of the advanced aluminum alloy design community.

Aluminum Strontium

Modification of the silicon-aluminum phase from coarse platelets to a fine fibrous structure in hypoeutectic aluminum silicon alloy castings results in improved soundness and mechanical properties, particularly ductility. The use of strontium to “modify” the structure of hypoeutectic aluminum silicon casting alloys is an effective and widely accepted practice.