Chemicals & Fluxes


Potassium Aluminum Fluoride (KAlF4) is a commercial grade fused solid, inorganic salt. The material serves as an alternative to conventional fluoride salts for a variety of applications, a few of which are listed below.

Potassium Aluminum Fluoride is often the primary constituent in salt fluxes for metal cleaning, either as a stand-alone addition or combined with other salts such as NaCl and KCl. The addition of fluoride enhances the general performance of the salt flux. The function of the salt flux is to separate metals from oxide and dross and to prevent incendiary burning of the aluminum, thereby maximizing yields. When Potassium Aluminum Fluoride is added to a mixture of NaCl and KCl the resulting flux is more fluid. This increased fluidity better covers the exposed molten metal and facilitates the release of metals entrapped in the dross. The active fluoride will also remove magnesium in the melt, improving metal purity. Some aluminum foundry alloy producers use KAlF as their exclusive magnesium remover (in stead of dangerous chlorine gas).


Potassium Fluoroborate (KBF4) is a white crystalline salt material. It is offered in granular and fine powder. KBF4 is a key ingredient in grain refining salts for aluminum and can be used separately or combined with Potassium Titanium Fluoride (K2TiF6) to form a grain refining flux.

KBF4 is used as a binder/filler in abrasive products. It has a melt point that is ideal for use in grinding wheels and other abrasives where baking of the product is involved. In the semi-solid state it, in effect, glues the various grits together providing a matrix for the particle.

KBF4 is a key ingredient in “boronizing” steel. This hard-faced steel is used in applications in which wear resistance is important, such as in oil and gas fields, drilling equipment, and more. KBF4 is a common ingredient in refractories that are pressed or formed into complex shapes for the nonferrous casting industry. These shapes include spouts, baffles, and other parts used in foundries.