TiBAl ADVANCE GREEN™ The world's most efficient grain refiner now produced with low carbon aluminium.

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Grain Refiners

Grain Refiners with a number of different titanium-to-boron, titanium-to-carbon or titanium-to-aluminium ratios are available to accommodate special conditions which may exist in the user’s plant.

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Master Alloys

Aluminium’s mechanical and physical properties are enhanced with the use of alloying elements. These alloying elements are commonly referred to as hardeners.

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Compacted Additives

Compacted alloying additives also (known as ALTAB™) are a mixture of hardener elements such as Mn, Cr, Fe, Ti and Cu compacted with high grade aluminium powder.

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Chemicals & Fluxes

Fluxes are special blends of typically solid, inorganic compounds designed for degassing, demagging, cleaning, grain refining, and/or chemistry modification of molten alloys.

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Rod Feeders

Our Rod Feeder Systems are specially designed for the continuous grain refinement and alloying of aluminium casthouse melts using grain refiners in rod form.

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