Throughout its history, AMG’s predecessor companies have advanced metallurgical-based technologies to provide innovative solutions for industrial challenges.

AMG Aluminum continues that proud tradition today.

London and Scandinavian Mettallurgical Co. Limited (LSM UK) is formed in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.

LSM UK establishes its aluminum department using induction furnaces to melt aluminum to produce master alloys and TiBAl® grain refiners in waffle plate and ingot form for the aluminum industry.

Production of grain refining rod TiBAl® at LSM UK changes to a continuously cast/rolled route.

LSM UK patents a range of alloying tablets marketed under the brand name ALTAB® as a metal alloy production facility.

KBA builds a Technology Center at the Henderson County facility to provide new product and process development and technical support to the market.

LSM (Jiaxing) Co. Ltd. is formed by LSM UK in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China, and begins production of ALTAB® alloying tablets.

Expansion and modernization of the Carandai Hydroelectric plant in Brazil with new capacity to generate 4.3MW of electricity, allows LSM Brasil to be self-sufficient for its electricity needs.

AMG Aluminum is formed by combining the aluminum activities of KB Alloys, LSM UK, and LSM Brasil with headquarters in Wayne, PA, USA.

LSM Brasil celebrates its centennial. KB Alloys is renamed AMG Aluminum North America. AMG Aluminum UK Limited is formed.

AMG Aluminum UK Limited celebrates 80 years of production in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.