About us

AMG Aluminum is a customer-focused, technology-driven organization dedicated to innovation, quality, technical expertise, and rapid response to customer needs.

For more than 80 years, AMG Aluminum has earned a trusted reputation for reliable delivery of consistently dependable aluminum grain refiners and master alloys anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Cambridge, OH, AMG Aluminum, a business unit of AMG Critical Materials N.V., is the combination of AMG Aluminum North America, LLC, AMG Aluminum UK Limited, AMG Aluminum Brazil (aluminium activities of LSM Brazil S.A.), AMG Aluminum Mexico, S.A. de C.V., and AMG Aluminum China Limited.

With over 350 employees and five ISO 9001 manufacturing plants in the United States, Brazil, England, and China, AMG Aluminum is a world-leading provider of grain refiners and master alloys for the aluminum industry. AMG Aluminum offers a wide range of products including grain refiners, master alloys, compacted additives (ALTAB™), chemicals and fluxes and rod feeders.


AMG is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental conduct at all of its manufacturing facilities and producing materials that help its customers to minimise negative environmental impact.

What we do

The success of the aluminium industry is dependent on alloys that, for example, reduce automobile weight, promote forming for various products such as aluminium beverage cans, and increase the performance of electric transmission cables. AMG Aluminum’s development of grain refiners and master alloys has helped to facilitate these innovations.

From the earth’s crust to a red slurry and then white powder to a shiny piece of commercially pure metal, aluminium’s journey finds its way into our daily lives, from the car we drive to the electricity that enters our homes and businesses. From beverage cans to sports and leisure equipment to aircraft and electronic equipment, the life-cycle restarts with the recycling back to the shiny metal.

AMG Aluminum’s products are used in several stages of the life cycle of aluminium. We provide grain refiners and master alloys used during melting and casting of aluminium and its alloys

Careers at AMG Aluminum

At AMG we value our people and offer a safety-first environment with a competitive salary and generous benefits package including company pension scheme, onsite gym facilities, private healthcare, recruitment referral bonus scheme, holiday buy scheme and free onsite parking.

As well as a competitive salary and benefits package, AMG offer long-term career and development opportunities to candidates who match our drive and ambition. To recruit for our roles we use a number of job boards and recruitment agencies. For details of our current vacancies please click the link below. For further information on career opportunities the email for applications is LGreen@amg-chrome.com

AMG Group

AMG applies metallurgical based technologies to provide solutions for industrial challenges. AMG provides vacuum furnace solutions for high purity metals and is also a producer of specialty alloys and metals used to improve the characteristics of their end products. AMG applies this knowledge to help meet the growing demand for energy and resource conservation in development of advanced applications in the energy, transportation, infrastructure and specialty metals and chemicals industries.

The company is organized into three divisions: AMG Clean Energy Materials, AMG Critical Minerals, and AMG Critical Materials Technologies. With approximately 3,600 employees, AMG operates globally with production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Mozambique, and has sales and customer service offices in Japan.

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